Benefits Of Microblading

As beauty treatments go, microblading offers one of the most innovative ways to reconstruct the appearance of fuller eyebrows. This semi-permanent treatment is done by making a series of tiny shallow cuts in hair-like patterns and inserting cosmetic pigments in the lower epidermis of the skin to create fuller brow. The results are natural and should blend seamlessly with your hair if done by the right professional.

Let’s Spell Out Some Obvious Benefits:  

1) It will save you A LOT of time

Every woman takes a lot of time in the morning to get ready, this process is almost a ritual for most of us. A well-done treatment of microblading will save you the time it takes to draw on your eyebrows to make them look even and presentable.

2) It will save you a lot of money

What? You might say. Yes microblading is not a cheap procedure. The average is between 600-1500 USD depending where you go. But have you thought of all the money you spent over the years to buy eyebrow products? Those costs add up!  If you’ve had issues with the way your eyebrows look, you probably have spent a lot of money on alternative treatments and make-up to make them look somewhat acceptable. With microblading, your new eyebrows can last up to 1-3years. (duration varies depending on skin type and lifestyle, more explanation on this in future posts)

3) It is a perfect way to treat certain hair conditions

If you suffer from alopecia or any type of hair loss that makes your eyebrows look thin and sparse, microblading is the best treatment to give the affected area a second chance at life. It doesn’t involve heavy use of chemicals, and it requires just a bit of patience on your part to endure the treatment process as it can take up to 3 hrs. Once it’s done, the results are natural and beautiful

4) It will NOT wipe away during sexy time ;)

Always worrying about whether your sweat is erasing your eyebrows during the most critical time? I know I used to! But worry no more about accidentally wiping away your brows after this treatment!

5) It can last up to 3 years!

Microblading is not permanent but that is EVEN better! It requires very little upkeep and touch-ups (usually just once a year). It is semi-permanent in nature and this allows you to have a different shape after a year or two when trend changes.

6) 0-Minimal Pain

During your procedure, usually an effective topical anesthetic is used to maximize your comfort during the cosmetic procedure, however pain tolerance varies from client to client. On a scale of 1-10, most clients at SIX+AIT experience 2-3. Most also describe the pain level as minimal and find tweezing and threading more uncomfortable in comparison!

Always go with a certified professional before booking a microblading treatment! Do your research and be an informed consumer. Your eyebrows will thank you :)


Lucy Masu