Who are the Celebs using Microblading?

E! Entertainment very eloquently pointed out some time ago that great eyebrows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment. This might be particularly true for quite a few celebrities in Hollywood. Microblading has been embraced by a lot of beautiful faces in show business, and they have no issues sharing their secrets. But do you know who they are? Who are the stars that have taken this beauty treatment to bring their A game? The answers might surprise you.

Let’s take a minute to go over the basics before our countdown: Microblading is a  technique that very much like a tattoo. The procedure is used to rebuild and reshape eyebrows by filling and molding empty spaces with strokes of hair placed by a trained professional using a special set of tools and needles. The final results are natural-looking eyebrows that need very little to no maintenance for at least two or three years.

The first advocate for the procedure was Lena Dunham, the actress of the HBO hit “Girls”. She posted an essay on Vogue magazine praising the treatment as one of the most natural fixes to uneven eyebrows. She described the experience as "less painful than sunburn and utterly delightful."



Margot Robbie, the Australian star of international hits such as “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Suicide Squad,” has been less vocal about her approach to the treatment, but picture comparisons show how she went from thin-looking eyebrows in her early career to a fluffier look these days.


Pop-music singer Demi Lovato has always showed preference for thinner eyebrows in her teens but she has grown into a young beautiful woman now, and she looks the part with fuller brows that show off more definition and thickness giving her a more mature look.


Model and actress Cara Delevingne does not say much to the press, but pictures of her early years show clearer and uneven brows while her current looks show how she got a uniform set of thick eyebrows that stand out more in their uniformity with a darker shade of color.


Fashion icon and socialite Kylie Jenner changes her look constantly and her eyebrows are no exception, she went from her natural look to a more elongated set of brows that dive deeper into the corners of her eyes changing the look of her face completely.


Pop and R&B singer turned actress Zendaya has changed her look for the better with the treatment. Her thin and light eyebrows made her look way younger than she actually is. A little touch up with microblading has given her darker eyebrows that make her look more mature and offer a deeper focus on her eyes.


Microblading is already used by Hollywood’s elite and is not a huge alteration to their looks. The treatment is rather a complement that enhances the natural beauty of their eyebrows. You can try it out too, but make sure to choose the right professionals to get the procedure done. The price range varies greatly from 200-1600 depending where you go. Why such a HUGE range? This is a highly technical manual skill that requires immense dedication on the part of the specialist performing the procedure. So remember this, you have only ONE face don’t play with it by going somewhere based on price only. Research is the key!  -XOXO SIX+AIT



Lucy Masu