I'm ready to have amazing brows.

IF YOU HAVE EXCESSIVE OILY SKIN + LARGE PORES: Microblading may not be right for you. We cannot guarantee that microblading will last long and strokes may fade faster or heal blurry. You will also need additional touch ups. Ombre Shading Powder brows can be an option to give better results. Please book a consultation prior to booking.

IF YOU ARE 60+ YEARS OF AGE: We do not recommend Microblading as the skin is too thin to perform this procedure safely. We advise Ombre Shading to our mature clients. Please book a consultation prior to booking.

IF YOU HAVE THICK COARSE BROW HAIR: Sadly, Microblading is not a good option for those with thick coarse brows as Microblading will not blend seamlessly into the existing hairs. What are thick coarse brows? It is brow hair that appears 3-dimensional and does not lay flat on the skin. Individual brow hairs are dense and feel coarse to the touch. Please book a consultation prior to booking.

VIP AFTERHOURS $150: To book your artist outside of their normal business hours, please email us at booking@sixandait.com and we will see if your request can be accommodated. Please expect $150 to be added onto your total procedure cost.