We offer Free Consultations for all our prospective clients!

We understand the procedure can be daunting and we want to make sure all our clients feel comfortable with their decision. If you have any concerns, we will be happy to address them and help you decide on a treatment plan that will work for you.

During your consultation, your specialist will work with you to discuss your goals, lifestyle, shape of your existing brows and the problem areas you wish to address. Bringing reference photos of your desired brow shape is highly recommended and greatly appreciated. Your specialist will advise on which shape will work with your face shape and brow type. If you have any questions about which procedure to choose, your specialist can direct you towards the best option for you.

Pre-Procedure Consultations are not mandatory for Microblading. If you feel ready and have never had eyebrow tattoo done, you can book your procedure and your specialist will go over everything mentioned above at your appointment!