Microblading Artist
Directory Supply List


Mylar Bags

Heaven Massage Bed

Disposable Bedsheet

Medical Tray Stand

Disposable Tattoo Tray Cover

Disposable Face Masks

Barrier Film

Cavi Wipes

Phano China Marker #77 (regular)

Phano China Marker #81 (thin)

Sharpie brand China Marker (for coating string while mapping)

Thread for Brow Mapping

Tina Davies Pro Pencil

Golden ratio Caliper

Japanese Surgical Marker

Microblading Saran Wrap

Sharps Container for Used Blades

Disposable Eyebrow Razors

Alcohol Prep Pads Large

Nitrile Latex Free Gloves

Tattoo Green Soap + Squeeze Bottle

Squeeze Bottle Plastic Cover

Unscented Baby Wipes

Japanese Exfoliating Gel

Dr. Numb Topical Anesthesia Foam Soap

Mannequin Head

Practice Latex skin (I really like this practice pad)

Disposable Pigment Cups

Disposable Pigment Rings 1

Disposable Lip Brushes

Disposable Eyeliner Brushes

Disposable Mascara Wand

Disposable Wood Sticks

Divalight Light

Divalight Wall Mount


Inkless Practice Latex + Brow Design

Blank Practice Latex


Disposable Tattoo Cover (blue)

Gauze Tape 


Sterile Water

Sicoe Numbing Cream - first numbing (Buy in bulk)

Sustaine Blue Gel - Secondary numbing (you put after you microblade) (buy in bulk)

Phibrows Skincandy Aftercare Balm 

PIGMENTS - Buy pigment for every skin tone

Tina Davies Perma blend Pigments

Perma blend Pigments (Burnt Sienna and Expresso)

Phibrows Pigments (what Peaches used for 1st pass and what you practiced with on latex in class)

Li Pigment Aqua (For Shading/Powder)

Colors to buy: Ebony Expresso, Expresso, Rich Brown, Classic Brown, Cocoa

Colors for color correction: Ungrey, Gray Vanish, Olive Mod

* Cheap pigment for practice


18u .16mm nano Blade (Blades we recommend & use in studio) BUY THIS ONE :)

14U Hard Blade Tina Davies Classic Disposable (You can find all her products on Amazon & Minxbrows)

18U Classic angle Disposable blade 

18U Blade only