Microblading Training NYC

Commitment to Artistry

At SIX+AIT, we are committed to providing our students the chance to learn and master our signature brow techniques for hyper realistic fluffy brows. Our foundation course has been designed with you in mind. SIX+AIT Academy's curriculum will equip students with the proper skills and knowledge to become the next generation of exceptional artists in the industry. Our small intimate classes will ensure that every student has the opportunity to receive personal attention and feedback from our instructors and go in depth into every aspect of permanent makeup from theoretical practical skills to delivering exceptional customer service so that you walk away excited and confident in your capabilities to start your own fulfilling career. Be prepared to give good face. 

Microblading Foundation (Nov 22-24)


DEPOSIT: $500 USD (nonrefundable)

*The remaining tuition must be paid in full on the day of your Training course

We do not offer financial aid or payment plans

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Microblading Foundation (Dec 13-15)


DEPOSIT: $500 USD (nonrefundable)

*The remaining tuition must be paid in full on the day of your Training course

We do not offer financial aid or payment plans

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ADD ON: LIVE MODEL DAY (Date chosen by student)


DEPOSIT $500 USD (must be paid in full)

This is an add-on to your Microblading Foundation Course. SIX+AIT will provide the model for the student

We do not offer financial aid or payment plans

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Class Perks

What is Included in My Class Price?

  • $700 Value Microblading Starter Kit:

  • 10 Disposable Blades, 2 Microblading Tools, 8 Latex Practice Skins, Full Size Tina Davies Permablend pigment line, Disposable Brow Rulers, 3 Eyebrow Pencils, 1 Surgical Marker, 1 Numbing Cream + 1 Numbing Gel, Aftercare Ointments, 1 Tina Davies Disposable Sterile Kit

  • 90-page In-depth Handbook Manual

  • Two instructors: Lucy Masu & Peaches

  • Live Model Demonstration by an instructor

  • Certificate upon Completion at the end of the course!

  • Continuous lifetime support from all our instructors

  • Additional Shadow Sessions with our instructors within 6 months until you feel confident

  • 1-on-1 personal group chat with your instructor

Class Schedule

Day 1: 11:00AM - 7:00PM

  • Introduction + Microblading Theory: what is microblading?, microblading history, skin anatomy, color theory, pigment theory, brow anatomy, tools & product knowledge, how to Microblade like a pro, how to deliver quality customer service + enhance the customer experience, in-depth real world knowledge on how to start your business and SUCCEED, SEO, social media + digital marketing strategies

  • Learn the SIX+AIT Microblading Brow Pattern

  • Practice on Latex skin

  • Homework given

DAY 2: 11:00AM - 7:00PM

  • Check Homework

  • How to Train Your Aesthetic like a Pro Microblading Artist

  • Client Consultation Process FAQs + answers

  • Identifying Contrainidications

  • Healed results / Proper aftercare / Touch up process FAQs + answer

  • Entire Microblading Process FAQs + Answers

  • String Brow Mapping Method + Live demo by instructor

  • Practice string brow mapping on each other

  • Practice 3-point stretch on each other

  • Live Demo of an entire Microblading process by instructor

  • Practice on latex time

  • Homework given

DAY 3: 11:00AM - 7:00PM

  • Check homework

  • Proper Sanitation + Sterilization FAQs + answers

  • Proper Tray Set Up

  • How to apply for a Tattoo License / Insurance

  • How to pass your Tattoo Infection Course

  • How to take high quality brow photos + edit your photos

  • Practice on Latex time

  • Certification upon Completion given


  • All Levels Accepted

  • No Prior Experience Necessary

  • A Tattoo License, Cosmetologist or Esthetician license is not necessary to take the course

  • It is the responsibility of the students to contact their local Health board/Agency regarding local and state regulations for Permanent make-up. Each State and Locality may differ. We will go over this in class!

Pricing Special

  • Receive $150 OFF per person if you sign up with a friend!

  • All students get 50% off all full procedures by any instructor

Have any questions? Don't hesitate to ask us!

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