History of Microblading

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique aimed specifically to reshape or transform your eyebrows appearance by implanting pigments using a manual hand-tool. These are implanted after creating a series of fine incisions in the skin while using feather-stroke techniques in the desired area. 

The origin of Microblading is not exactly clear. It varies according to sources, some state that the make-up technique originated in Japan hundreds of years ago, while others point out a more recent origin nearly 20 years ago in China. What is common ground on both sides of the story is that Microblading has an Asian origin. Following the online evidence of where it comes from will lead to a couple of straight, verifiable facts:  the technique was already used in Asian regions such as Singapore, China and Korea by the year 2005 and it was called “eyebrow embroidery”.  By 2010 "eyebrow embroidery" reached the western world and was labeled “Microblading” by Dr. Laura Dixon. By 2015, Microblading was taking over the North American beauty industry by storm and was praised as one of the most ingenious innovation in recent cosmetic tattoo world. 

If you try to dig a little deeper about the origins of Microblading, you’ll probably realize that it’s been called “The Japanese Method” by cosmetic artists and supply producers all over the world for marketing reasons. Almost every tool needed to work a successful Microblading treatment are manufactured and sold from China, and the country itself is one of the biggest markets for embroidery treatments. Maybe it all comes down to the reputation that “made in china” is usually associated with low quality products or rushed methods. So it was rebranded to appeal to other markets. Only in recent years did some manufacturers start making these tools in Europe and the US. Asia is still the biggest market and innovation hub for new Microblading techniques and products, with Korea at it’s forefront. We are very excited for Microblading’s future as this young Industry is just beginning to bloom in North America.